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Thinking about tomorrow


Concrete is crushed and reused as aggregate for roadways and parking lots.



Steel bar from concrete is separated and utilized for scrap recycling.



Soils are separated into suitable soils and non-suitable. Clay and black dirt are re-used in residential or  highway construction.



Recycled asphalt products are included in D. Construction mix designs to make yesterday’s roads the road of the future.


Steel Beams

Most beams are recycled and melted down for reuse in other projects. Some of the Steel Beams from highway projects are recycled for use on private projects. What may not be suitable for 100,000 pound trucks crossing a river may be suitable for stream and creek crossings.

Recycle Reuse

D. Construction will embrace our opportunity to recycle and reuse materials removed during demolition and construction.

In addition to demolition recycling, our Project Team identifies every opportunity to utilize recylcled materials during construction.

We are aware of the footprint our projects leave. Anything that we can do to soften the impact and reduce the material to landfills while providing the raw materials to American business help all of us for the long term.

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